Discipline Your Kid The Right Way

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Discipline Your Kid The Right Way

Have You Had it With Spanking and Screaming at Your Child?
Wouldn't you LOVE to have a Good Relationship With Your Children?
DON'T GIVE UP! WE Know the Secrets of Positive Discipline!
You love your childbut you are at the end of your rope.
Your children never listen to youeven when you yell at them or spank them.
You are frustrated and angryand tired of living in a 'war zone'.
and you have NO IDEA what to do!

You HATE hearing yourself scream and rant and you feel like ATILLA THE HUN!
but you can't stop because your children always misbehave!
You are afraid to go out in public because your child always embarrasses you.
You can never leave your children with a sitter without getting the dreaded 'phone call' to say they are out of control.
Your children yell at you, slam doors, or ignore you when you try to talk to them.

Is this your life?

If so, don't despair! WE CAN HELP YOU!
We can teach you how to stop yelling, stop spanking and get your child to listen and obey the rules!
There is a way you can build a GOOD RELATIONSHIP with your child and live in peace and harmony!
AND, you can teach your child how to solve problems and get along with others so they will grow to be a happy adult!
Want to know how?

'Discipline Your Kid the Right Way - Without Shouting and Spanking' is your key to sane parenting.
You say you've tried it all and nothing works?
We can show you a better way!
What if I told you that you could:
Get your child to go to bed on time, sit quietly at the dinner table and behave in public?
Stop your child from talking back
Avoid door slamming, yelling, spanking and punishment
Teach your child to share and get along with other children
Help your child get along better in school

Would you be interested?
Are you ready to change your life and your child's life?
Because, we are here to help you do JUST THAT!
You don't need expensive counseling, useless video tapes or books.
The road to good discipline begins with you and your child, and your commitment to a better way!
Break your old habits, stop spanking and yelling, and learn new techniques that will make you and your children happier and make your relationship more rewarding!
'Discipline Your Kid the Right Way - Without Shouting and Spanking' will teach you SIMPLE METHODS, and with practice and COMMITMENT, you WILL SUCCEED!
In this book, you'll get tips from successful parents, and learn how to make discipline fun!
Meet Jan and Learn the Boy Scout Motto Method
Jan and her young daughter go grocery shopping together and avoid temper tantrums and crying!
They even have fun in the process!
And Jan's secret doesn't require any special tools or training.
Learn John's 'Red Flag' Play
John's 8 year-old and 6 year-old children learned the 'red flag' play and you can too!
John can discipline his kids without ever saying a word.
John's children have learned to analyze their own behavior and figure out what is right and what is wrong.
By reading 'Discipline Your Kid the Right Way - Without Shouting and Spanking'
You'll also learn how to:
Figure out your child's 'TRIGGERS' for bad behavior
How to build your child's self-esteem and avoid attacking and name-calling
How to build trust and understanding between you and your children
How to COMMUNICATE with AND LISTEN TO your child
Even how to get your FAMILY and FRIENDS to help you!

And we'll TEACH you
The Do's and Don'ts of Discipline
How to establish a discipline program that is appropriate for the age of your child
How and when to use logical consequences for bad behavior
When you need to consider professional help and how to plan a discipline program for a learning disabled or handicapped child
How to teach your child about discipline and rules
Doesn't this sound GREAT?
Why are you waiting?
Get your copy of 'Discipline Your Kid the Right Way - Without Shouting and Spanking'


ALL YOU NEED is commitment and practice and your children can become role models for good behavior!
Get your copy of 'Discipline Your Kid the Right Way - Without Shouting and Spanking' and you are ON YOUR WAY TO A HAPPY, PEACEFUL FAMILY LIFE!

Aren't your children the most important people in your life?
Don't you want them to be happy, have friends and do well in school?

With this book, you can TEACH THEM
How to play by the rules
Respect the wishes and opinions of others
Understand how to behave and get along well with you and with their friends
Solve their own problems and have confidence in their own skill and ability

You CAN do this!
And there is no better time than the present to START!

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