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Protect Your Child

"How To Screen Your Babysitter and Other Child Care Providers To Create A Safer Environment For *YOUR* Child!"
(And How You Can Conduct Unlimited Background Checks Instantly!)

"It's your responsibility to ensure your child's safety..."
I want to tell you a story. The date was November 16, 1998, and after several months the parents of a five year old girl discovered their worst nightmare as being true...

This is a true story and MAY SHOCK YOU, but is extremely important and may protect your child from the same trauma.

An unsuspecting little girl trusted her caregiver wholeheartedly. Her parents trusted this person enough to provide frequent caregiver responsibilities unsupervised.
What the parents didn't realize was this particular caregiver had been abusing their child for several months. They were shocked to learn that this caregiver, who had been highly recommended and praised as a respectable, honest person around the community, was actually convicted of child molestation a few years earlier.
If the parents of this innocent little girl could have only had a way of getting this important information quickly, they could have saved their child from being emotionally and physically scarred forever!
This is only one actual example about child care abuse. There are hundreds of cases similar to this reported every year. There are also many other cases that go unreported because unsuspecting parents don't even know the signs and symptoms to watch for.
Does this scare you? ... Well it should!
But there is a simple way to quickly check potential child care providers before you ever allow them to be near your child. There are also specific ways in choosing proper child care that will virtually eliminate your child's exposure to such horrific experiences.
This special ebook details exactly how to protect your child, and effectively locate and screen qualified child care providers not taught by anyone else...

There is a child reported missing every 40 seconds in the United States. Currently there are 1.8 million children missing and 20,000 to 30,000 who will never see their parents again.
"Protect Your Child As You Would Yourself!"
Most parents don't take the time to properly search for trust worthy child care providers and the child is the one who suffers. Right this minute you have a choice to make. You can take thirty minutes of your time, follow the instructions in "Protect Your Child..." and guarantee your child a safer experience with their babysitter, or... you can overlook the entire situation and risk having your child abused, or even worse!
Don't be like most parents!
My objectives in writing Protect Your Child: A Practical Guide To Finding Responsible Child Care were simple:
Create a safe and desirable environment for your child!
Thoroughly screen your child care provider!
Eliminate child care abuse!
Determine your family's child care needs!
Locate and select the absolute best child care available!
Conduct proper interviews and background checks!
Give your child a positive experience!
Introduce the numerous programs and assistance available!

And guess whatThese objectives, and more, have been achieved!
So now, with your help I'm telling the world about it?

It's important to understand that there are specific guidelines you should follow to ensure your child is receiving quality, professional, and safe care suited to their development needs.
I Wrote this eBook From a Security Expert's Point of View to Effectively Protect Your Child and Your Family From Irresponsible and Abusive Child Care Providers

Here's some of what you'll discover in "Protect Your Child..."
The step-by-step process to successfully screen any child care provider - There really is a specific process, and I lay it all out for you here.

What every parent must know before hiring any child care provider - The information exposed here could save your child's life!

How you can prevent your child from becoming a victim of child care abuse - It sounds a little scary, but it's the exact method you need to protect your child from sexual abuse or severe neglect.

The necessary skills every child care provider must have to give your child a more positive experience - Does yours have all the skills?

Why your current caregiver may be a criminal - Incredibly shocking information about criminals becoming child care providers and how you can guard against it!

How to recognize sexual abuse and what to do next - This is the most important information you could ever get your hands on.

The exact methods to locate the absolute best child care available in your area - How to find someone you can trust that will care for your child as much as you do.

How to select and apply for federal and state government child care programs? - There are hundreds of programs available to help with the costs of quality child care, that are completely revealed.

All the tools and resources you need to give your child a safer more secure environment - First time revealed resources that will make finding proper child care easier, without frustration and worry!

In short, I'm going to give you the resources and know-how you need to protect your child and your family from dishonest child care providers in a few simple steps, written completely by a security expert. It doesn't matter what child care services your family needs, with the powerful information I lay out in "Protect Your Child..." it will work. And like I said, you won't find this powerful information taught anywhere else.

Best of all, this ebook is only 84 pages long, so you can literally read it in a few days, and then start laying the foundation for your new child care provider immediately.
You'll be able to screen your babysitter, daycare center, and other child care providers to ensure your getting the absolute best care for your child. You can now feel more relaxed and secure knowing that you can honestly trust your child care provider alone with your child.
My only condition is that you:
DO NOT use this information in any illegal or unethical ways.
Other than that, this information is yours to do with as you please. (Within reason, of course.)
The most important thing to me is that "Protect Your Child..." make it into the hands of as many loving parents as possible. (And to do that I'm going to need a lot of help.) :-)

Most parents spend more time thinking about where they're going out to eat, rather than spending time screening the caregiver for their children.
This eBook Could Be the Safety Net that Saves Your Child
from a Traumatic Experience... But You'll Never Know Unless You Download it TODAY!

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