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Follow Up To Fortunes

Who Else Wants To Increase Their Profit Per Customer Up To 217 With The Same Amount Of Visitors & Subscribers!

Would You Like A Real Way To Close More Sales And Increase Business?
Do you get traffic to your website and make only a few sales?
Would you like to learn how to go from a few sales to a "ton of sales"?
What if I told you that you could do this without a single extra visitor to your website?
Would that excite you?
To find the answers and the liberating reality that they can provide you and your business, read on...

Dear Friend,
This letter isn't about learning how to market your business.
It's far from anything like that.
What this letter is about is taking what you already have and maximizing it's effect on your business in it's current state.
You're going to learn how you can take the resources and potential clients that you have in front of your already and make them pay off big time.
You won't be learning how to throw money at the problem by buying tons more advertising that you just can't afford with the hope that you'll break even.
This is all about leverage and making what you have bring you the income and business success that you know you want and know you deserve.
What I mean is this...

You Don't Need More Traffic, More Clicks, More Visitors...

The truth is, there are tons of courses out there that promise to be the solution to your profit problem on the Internet.
The only problem is that they all focus on a single factor and that's getting more people to enter into your marketing funnel which means generating more traffic.
I'm here to tell you that you don't need more traffic.
You can make an excellent income with the traffic that you already have by doing nothing more than implementing what I'm going to teach you today.
You see, I firmly believe that you have all the knowledge that you need to generate traffic to your site and generate enough traffic to meet your income goals.
If you've read more than a couple of eBooks, articles, newsletters, reports, etc, you know exactly what I'm referring to.
So what is this big secret that requires no more traffic?...
Following Up Is The Secret To Massive Profit Online...

Not sure what following up is?
Well, let me first state a very well known and very true statistic that has been shared in business circles for years...
"It will take 7-12 exposures to your product offering (in some capacity) before 99 of your potential customers will take action and make a purchase or take the action that you want them to"
This is my expanded and more drawn out version of this statement but you get the point.
The important thing to grasp here is the number of times they need to see your add per say but the fact that most people just aren't ready to make a purchase the first time they see a product.
This means that you need to find a way to capture their contact information so that you can follow up with them and keep showing them the offering.
This is the key factor to business success.
But how do you follow up?
This has been a pretty complicated thing to teach in the past but with an incredible new release you can...

Generate More Leads, Attract More
Sales & Bank More Profit Every Month
Without ANY Additional Traffic!
Make Your Current Business Not Just Survive But Thrive!

Meet The Income Level You Always Envisioned In Your Business!
Bring In Hundreds Or Thousands Of New Subscribers!
Create A Massive Customer List That You Can Continually Profit From!
Follow Up To Fortune Will Teach You How To Maximize Your Profits!
Follow Up To Fortunes is a brand new manual that has just hit the "digital shelves".
Until now, there has never been a course released on the art of following up with potential customers and existing customers.
This course takes you from A to Z in the process of not only creating hot messages to get people to take action but also the exact sequences that you should follow.
It's all completely step by step with blueprints, example sequences and timelines and hand holding ideas that will guide you to follow up success.
You'll even learn how to continually increase your response!

Are You Tired Of Not Making Big Money With Your Existing Traffic & Customers?

What's Revealed In Follow Up To Fortune?
Here's just some of what you'll be learning...
Exact Sequences - You will get exact sequences that you can use to easily drop into place for your own Follow Up sequences. These sequence blueprints make putting your follow up sequence together fast and breezy!

Secret Service List - You will also discover my top secret and highly valuable secret list of services and resources that will help you run your follow up sequences all automatically. I'm talking about setting up your follow up sequence once and forgetting about it forever!

Message Crafting Essentials - Not only will you learn how to setup your messages and when they should go out but you will also learn how to craft hot messages that make people salivate for your product and want to buy!

Increase Response Continually - You will also discover how you can continually increase the response in your business which means your profits continually increase every month using a few simple testing tricks!

Examples & Case Studies - The manual has ideas and case studies that will show you real world businesses (even physical businesses) that have used these techniques for higher profit and how you can do the same! Just copy their success!

Persuasive Prospect Relationships - If you can't persuade people to buy, you won't make any money. But the Follow Up To Fortunes manual shows you how to create relationships and trust with your potential customers leading to tons more sales!

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